Clinic Closures Update – 9/20/21

Click here for a list of WIC clinic hours adjusted due to Hurricane Ida.

WIC Grocery Store Closures – 9/14/21

Click here for for the status of WIC grocery stores.

Questions About Your WIC Benefits?

Louisiana WIC works hard to continue providing benefits during disasters and other emergency events.  The most up-to-date information is available on our website,  Families may also reach out to local clinics for assistance and resources.

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WIC Services in a Disaster - FAQ

Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about WIC Services in a Disaster.

Grocer Store Checkout

Using Benefits - In State or Out-of-State

Learn more about transferring WIC benefits to another state during a disaster or how to use benefits in another LA parish.

Transferring WIC Benefits Out-Of-State

Any WIC participant certified on Louisiana (LA) WIC that evacuates to another state will not be able to use their LA WIC EBT card at out-of-state grocery stores. Participants must request a transfer of their WIC benefits to that state using a process called ‘VOC’, which stands for Verification of Certification.

If you are a WIC Clinic requesting a Verification of Certification (VOC) for Out-Of-State transfers, then contact:

Email: LaNaya.Carter@LA.GOV