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WIC offers extra benefits for women who want to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding News!

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Did you know? LA WIC now offers access to Pacify memberships to eligible participants – for FREE!

Pacify connects you with live Lactation Consultants who are available 24/7 via video to offer breastfeeding support and answer other feeding related questions – all at the touch of a button!

Click here to learn more about Pacify. 

Breastfeeding Peer Counselors (BFPC) are moms helping moms with breastfeeding.  To learn more about Breastfeeding Peer Counseling read the section below, and click here to view the BFPC poster.

Click here to see this month’s Cheers for Peers candidate!

There is no better food for your baby’s first year than breast milk. In fact, it’s actually healthy for both of you, saves money, and helps you bond.

Breastfeeding has so many benefits for you and your baby.

  • It’s the right nutrition for your baby. It helps your baby stay healthy, and to grow strong.
  • It helps you lose the weight you gained during pregnancy, and helps you bond with your baby.
  • It’s always there when baby is hungry, and it’s free.

WIC clinics offer personal support and classes. They have Breastfeeding (Lactation) Consultants who can help show you the ropes and give helpful tips. You can also get a free breast pump for those times you aren’t able to breastfeed directly. And, most WIC sites have Breastfeeding Rooms where you can feed or pump.

Join LA WIC’s Virtual Breastfeeding Support Group! Meetings take place monthly, click here for information.

Únase al Grupo de Apoyo Virtual de Lactancia de LA WIC! Las reuniones se llevan a cabo mensualmente, haga clic aquí para obtener más información.

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Breastfeeding is different for each mom and each baby. It helps to have support. WIC has Breastfeeding Peer Counseling. You can talk with another WIC mom about your questions, challenges, and successes. Whatever your question, your Peer Counselor can help. Talk with your WIC Clinic about how to get signed up or call the Partners for Healthy Baby Support Line at 1.800.251.BABY.


Interested in Becoming a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor (BFPC)?
If you’re interested in joining the BFPC Team we invite you to apply!  The BFPC program accepts applications at any time and keeps them on file for future openings. The minimum qualifications for the BFPC are:

  • Current or Former WIC Mom
  • Breastfed for at least six months

To become a BFPC complete the application and submit via email to  You may also complete and submit an application at your local WIC clinic.

If you have questions contact the BFPC program at 225-922-2276.  To learn more about breastfeeding peer counselors visit USDA WIC Breastfeeding Support/Become A WIC Peer Counselor.


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NEW! Pacify App

LA WIC now offers access to Pacify memberships to eligible participants – for FREE!  Pacify provides 24/7 access to breastfeeding support.  To learn more about the app visit our Pacify webpage.

For tips and information about breastfeeding visit

Find the support you need, visit

If you have questions about Louisiana laws around breastfeeding visit the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition.

Learn more about breastfeeding initiatives:

Breastfeeding resources