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The Louisiana WIC program serves as an adjunct and gateway to the following coordinated health initiatives and services:

  • Breastfeeding promotion and support
  • Prenatal care referrals
  • Immunization assessment and referrals
  • Nutrition and health screening
  • High – risk nutrition assessment and counseling
  • Prenatal weight gain monitoring and education
  • Education to include eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Education about iron-deficiency anemia
  • Education for cessation of smoking, drugs and alcohol use

One of the primary benefits of the WIC program is the supplemental food packages. These food packages come in the form of a voucher or food instrument. The food instrument allows participants to purchase WIC approved foods at any of the 700 WIC Approved Vendors throughout Louisiana.

The WIC food packages are developed with USDA regulations. They include items low in fat, high in fiber and more culturally appropriate. In addition, breastfeeding support has been improved and is a high priority, as is overall nutrition for women and children.

The goal for providers is to help participants meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the Healthy People 2030 Objectives, and follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations for infant nutrition.


banana rolls & fruit

WIC is a community of families, health care providers and merchants who support the health of Louisiana’s children. Everyone has a part to play. There’s a whole WIC Community! Share our recipes, exercise tips, and news by following Partners for Healthy Babies on Facebook and Twitter.

mother and daughter at the WIC office