Importante: Retiro de Formula Abbott

Padres y cuidadores: No diluya la fórmula infantil ni haga fórmula infantil casera. ¡Puede ser peligroso para su bebé! Más información aquí

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Replacing Recalled Abbott Formula

Due to the 2022 Abbott voluntary formula recall, Louisiana WIC has received a federal waiver to issue non-Abbott (Similac) formula to prevent a formula shortage for Louisiana WIC families.  This waiver is temporary and will expire on January 31, 2023.

Refer to the Formula Substitution Table below for information on similar products that you can get with your Louisiana WIC Benefits through January 31, 2023 without having to return to clinic to have your EBT card adjusted.  Click here to download the Formula Substitution handout. There are additional substitutions available that do require a return to clinic. Call your clinic for more information. 

Formula Substitution Table

  • Enfamil Premium Infant (12.5 oz)
  • Gerber Good Start Gentle Pro Infant (12.7 oz)
  • Parent’s Choice Advantage (12.4 oz)
  • Parent’s Choice (12.5 oz)
  • Parent’s Choice Sensitive (12 oz)

  • Enfamil AR (12.9 oz)
  • Enfamil Gentlease (12.4 oz)
  • Parent’s Choice Gentle (12 oz)
  • Enfamil Reguline (12.4 oz)
  • Gerber Good Start Soothpro (12.4 oz)
  • Alimentum
  • EleCare
  • EleCare Jr

These are special formulas and are prescribed for a specific reason. Your doctor can help you choose a new formula to meet your baby’s medical needs.

You will need a new prescription and to contact your WIC office to update your benefits.

Important: Abbott Formula Recall – 2/18/22

The FDA has released an alert for consumers to avoid buying or using certain Abbott powdered infant formulas. Abbott has voluntarily recalled SOME powdered formula including:

  • Similac
  • Alimentum
  • EleCare

View the resources below for more information about the Abbott recall, and continue to check the Louisiana WIC website for the latest information. 

Click here to download the LA WIC Formula Substitutions handout.  The handout provides information on replacements for recalled Abbott products.

Click here to download the Recall Information handout. The handout provides instructions for checking formula to see if it has been recalled.

Parents and caregivers: Do not dilute infant formula and or make homemade infant formula. It can be dangerous for your baby! See formula safety tips here Learn more here: FDA Formula Safety Advisory.

Visit for the latest information from the manufacturer and to use the “check lot number” tool. 

Visit the WIC Medical Provider page to access the provider resources listed below.

  • Louisiana WIC Formulary
  • WIC 48 Medical Documentation Fillable Form
  • Louisiana WIC Medical Provider Guide

USDA has offered the following waivers to WIC agencies:

To read the full USDA press release visit the USDA website. 

WIC Participants will receive an increase in Cash Value Benefits through September 30, 2023.

The Cash Value Benefit amounts increased to:

  • $25 for children
  • $44 for pregnant and post-partum women
  • $49 for fully/partially breastfeeding women
  • $73.50 for fully breastfeeding women with multiples

Families that have already been issued benefits for April, 2022 and beyond, may call their WIC clinic to schedule an
appointment to have the increased CVB amount added to their WIC card.

Questions? Contact your local clinic for more information.

Cash Value Benefits Flyer:
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LA WIC Shopping Apps

Louisiana WIC offers FREE phone apps to help make your WIC shopping easier.  To learn more about the WIC Shopper app and Bnft app, view the flyer. 

WIC Shopping App Flyer


  • Milk
  • Juice
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Cereals
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Infant Cereal
  • Infant Fruits and Vegetables
  • Infant formula

That’s just some of them.  For a full list of approved WIC foods click here.

Lista de Alimento

Similac Store Locator Information
Louisiana WIC participants can now use the Similac Store Locator to find Similac formula at WIC approved vendors in your community. Visit the “Where To Buy Similac” webpage for more information on where to buy Similac formula.

View LA WIC’s Similac Store Locator flyer for more information about tool. 

carton of a dozen fresh eggs

  • Learn to plan ahead for shopping trips
  • Find ways to include your kids in meal planning and shopping
  • Discover how to incorporate fruits and
  • Learn how to read a nutrition label
  • Realize what foods are healthy and why
  • Receive tips for feeding infants and children

WIC Online Nutrition Education provides nutrition education centered around the needs of the WIC client.  Parents and caregivers who complete an online nutrition lesson receive a certificate of completion that can be counted for nutrition education at local WIC agencies.

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  • Family Planning
  • Food Stamps
  • TANF
  • LaCHIP
  • Childhood Immunizations


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