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Program Updates

Save the Date for the 2022 Louisiana WIC Virtual Conference.  Click here for the flyer. 

Louisiana WIC (LA WIC) is partnering with WIC Authorized Walmart stores in Louisiana to offer the use of LA WIC EBT cards at self-checkout lanes. Participants may NOT use self-checkout lanes at any other stores.  

Self-Checkout Handout

Louisiana WIC participants now get the help they need during pregnancy and beyond with unlimited Pacify memberships which provide 24/7 access to FREE breastfeeding support and a direct contact to their local LA WIC clinic. 

As part of the Louisiana WIC team, you’ll be helping your participants with enrollment and app support, including providing participants with the required enrollment codes.  Visit the LA WIC Staff – Pacify website to access available staff tools.

If you have questions please contact Tara Landry.  

The Virtual Support Group Flyer will be updated monthly.

March Flyer

The Cash Value Benefit amounts increased to the following: $24 for children; $43 for pregnant, post-partum, and breastfeeding women; $47 for fully/partially breastfeeding women; $70.50 for fully breastfeeding women with multiples. Refer to the CVB Update Instructions for more information.  

CVB Flyer (English)

The BNFT app links participants’ Louisiana WIC EBT card to their app profile, which allows participants to check their benefit balances. Participants need a valid email to use the app.

Review the Staff Bnft App document or training video listed below, for tips related to common participant app issues.

Staff Tips for Bnft

LA WIC’s Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program is excited to share our new poster. The engagement tool features current Peer Counselors. Feel free to download and share with WIC participants.


LA Peer Counselor Poster

The ‘‘American Rescue Plan Act of 2021’’ is new legislation from the Federal Government that states WIC Programs can increase the amount of cash-value benefits under qualifying food packages.

Staff Guidance Document


Clinic Lagniappe is a bi-monthly newsletter developed for Louisiana WIC clinic staff.  Send questions, comments, or suggestions to LaNaya.Carter@LA.GOV

Issue 1 – April 2021

Issue 2 – July 2021

Issue 3 – November 2021


Issue 1 – January 2022

Issue 2 – March 2022


Would your WIC clinic like to request Marketing Items or Program Outreach Tools?  If so, contact LaNaya Carter to request items or learn more about available outreach tools.

Louisiana Farmer’s Market Information


  • 2021 Louisiana WIC Policy Updates Webinar Series
    This webinar series is intended for all Louisiana WIC clinic managers and will review updated chapters of the Louisiana WIC Policy Manual.  There will be 6 monthly webinars, each held on the last Thursday of the month at 3 pm CST. 

Training Videos