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Welcome WIC Clinic Staff

Looking for a quick way to get to the information you need?  WIC Clinic Staff, we’ve compiled frequently requested information in one place!

Check out the program updates, newsletter, and other sections to stay on top of the latest Louisiana WIC news. 

Using WIC

Outreach Submission Form

Click here to submit an outreach event through 

Clinic Staff Directory Form

All clinic staff should complete this form to collect and maintain clinic staff information. Click here to fill out the form if you have not done so already.


Clinic Lagniappe is a bi-monthly newsletter developed for Louisiana WIC clinic staff.  Send questions, comments, or suggestions to [email protected]

Issue 1 – April 2021

Issue 2 – July 2021

Issue 3 – November 2021


Issue 1 – January 2022

Issue 2 – March 2022

Issue 3 – May 2022

Issue 4 – December 2022

Issue 1 – May 2023

Issue 2 – August 2023

Issue 1 – January 2024


Complete the WIC-13 Outreach Report FY24 form on through this link.

Would your WIC clinic like to request Marketing Items or Program Outreach Tools?  If so, contact Mia Rowe to request items or learn more about available outreach materials.