March is National Nutrition Month®

Let’s Geaux Louisiana! 

National Nutrition Month® is a great time to learn more about healthy eating.  Louisiana WIC is here to help you and your family learn more about nutrition, and provide tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Aim to eat a variety of healthful foods everyday. 

  • Add color to your plate by adding fruits and veggies to every meal.

  • See a Registered Dietitian for food and nutrition information.

We’ve got you covered! 

Each week Louisiana WIC will feature new tips for you and your family.

Are you interested in receiving your WIC nutrition education online? 
Visit to create your account.  You will need an email address and your Louisiana WIC family ID number (your ID number can be found inside your food program guide or contact your local clinic).  If you need assistance with starting an online nutrition education account, contact your local WIC clinic for more information.

Ready to learn more about healthy eating!

Learn easy ways to add more fruits and vegetables to every meal. 

  • LA Farmer’s Market Directory provides information on local farmer’s market in your area.

  • 20 Ways to Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables
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  • I Tried It! Chart
    Help your kids try new foods, including fruits and vegetables.  Keep track and rate the foods your child tries with the I Tried It! chart. 

Let’s test your knowledge about nutrition.

Learn tips for saving on healthier food options.